How did Blooming Beets Kitchen come about 

Hi. My name is Iva (pronounced Eva) Paleckova, and I'm the one you see cooking just about all the time. My husband and I opened Blooming Beets Kitchen just about a year ago and I have been running the show since then.


The Why 


Why did we open Blooming Beets? Well - in short, we wanted to create a place where you can eat anything off the menu. A place where gluten-free isn't a buzzword. A place that goes far beyond gluten-free.


Once upon a time I was a junk food eater. I worked my corporate job and stared at a computer all day, while at the same time being a chronic over-exerciser. One day I got turned on to healthy eating, which totally changed the way I lived and thought about health. 


I began immersing myself in cooking and health for a couple of years, I wrote several cook books and got involved in more healthy forms of exercise, but there was still something missing. My husband and I couldn't eat out anywhere in town, because every restaurant out there had junk like grains, canola oil and corn sugar! I gathered my courage and made the leap to quit my cozy corporate job and dedicate my life to helping others eat well and have great dining experiences. 





We don't use any processed seed oils, grains, or processed sugar, and we are very choosy when it comes to dairy (we limit our dairy use to butter and use it only in a couple dishes).


We use primarily avocado oil, olive oil or coconut oil when cooking, depending on the dish, and occasionally butter (ask your server to point out those dishes if any of those oils are a problem - there are plenty of choices on the menu for everyone).


Our vegetables are mostly organic. Ever since we opened, we've been working with a local supplier named Growers Organic from Boulder, as well as local farms in the summer, on sourcing our vegetables. 


Our meat sourcing is very important to us. We get a vast majority of our meat from Colorado Sustainable Farms. They take great care of their animals (beef is 100% grass fed, everything else is pastured) and Casey, the owner, won't compromise on his beliefs.



Our team


We have a good team of people who care deeply about each other. Each of us works hard day in and day out, and over the first year we have grown to be a family. We also have a very unique approach; our servers cook, and our cooks serve. It's very typical for our staff to spend 50% of their week cooking and 50% of the week serving. When your server talks to you about the food, they really know what they are talking about, and likewise our cooks appreciate the subtle touches that can really make a meal special.


If you are interested in working with us, send us an email with a few words about yourself - to iva (at) bloomingbeets (dot) com. 


Bloggers and media


If you are with the media or run a blog and are interested in talking about Blooming Beets, call the restaurant at 303.443.3479 and ask for Iva {eva}. We love to educate the public about what we do and why, and I LOVE to talk to people passionate about food or nutrition. 


How to support us 


If you have a good thing to say, Yelp it, Facebook it, tell your friends.  If you have a suggestion, call the restaurant or email me  - iva (at) bloomingbeets (dot) com. Also - join our community on Facebook:, or connect with me personally on twitter - @bloomingbeets. Blooming Beets is also on Instagram.